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you had one job

You had one job to do.... Just one... And you blew it. So as you're pondering the mishaps and misdeeds that led you here, take solace in and enjoy some other people who really made a mess of things by screwing up just a simple job. You're not as alone as you think.

You Had One Job

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You Had One Job

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You Had ONE Job...

monday thru friday you had one job package g rated - 8413826048
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Ever Have a Day That Feels Like This?

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"Flag Recognition" Wasn't Part of the Job Description

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You Had Under Two Jobs...

price tag you had one job - 7399539456
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The Thirst is Real

Text - YOU HAD 39 st 4 0 st floor floor 6 st floor floor ONEJO...
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Even Worse Than "Don't Open, Dead Inside"

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Mmm... Watermonions

you had one job watermelons - 7257369856
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You Had John Wub to Do

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McDonald's you had one job g rated monday thru friday - 7974426112
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lazy not my job moments | Proofreading this book couldn't have been hard 5 five 5 bananas but actually 6 six | lump of dirt shaped like a traffic cone

"Not My Job" Moments of Advanced Laziness

Impressive jobs all around.
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funny unprofessional not my job moments | truck dragging towing an upside down car behind it | swirly white markings on a road

"Not My Job" Moments of Quality Unprofessionalism

Good enough
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Note: Never Hire an Contortionist Again

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"Whadya Mean We Hafta Redo the Parking Lot?!"

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You Hob One Jad!

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