Monday Thru Friday

Y U No Guy

Monday Memes

bathroom borders Memes Y U No Guy - 5038442240
By Unknown


meme memes IRL Nyan Cat post-it notes sticky note Y U No Guy - 5423695872
By Kimberly

Labor Day: When We Can Stop Pretending Our Work Is as Permanent and Long-Lasting as This Y U No Guy

eraser Memes whiteboard Y U No Guy - 5152917504
By Dan Gray

Earthquake at Work

earthquake meme Y U No Guy - 5121527552
By a1967fastback

The Pattern Is "UP"

Chart graph meme Y U No Guy - 4612770816
By kutuup

Monday Memes

coffee kraken Memes Y U No Guy - 5002131968
By ChrisJ75

Meme Monday: Deep and Insightful Contemplation

meme Office parking Y U No Guy - 5294078976
By Unknown