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Here's the deal for those of you who might be confused:

World Cup qualifying games are going on right now. Mexico's national team, commonly referred to as "El Tri," has had a less-than-stellar qualifying performance. Seeing as how soccer is only second to God in terms of popularity in Mexico, this has many Mexican soccer fans... well... kinda pissed off. On Tuesday night, Mexico faced elimination from World Cup qualification unless they got either a win or a draw against Costa Rica.

They lost.

World Cup dreams over, right? Actually, no. As it turned out, Mexico had one last hope of going to the World Cup playoffs if the USMNT (United States Mens National Team) could win or draw against Panama, whom El Tri had previously lost to.

Going into the final minute of regulation, the United States was losing 2-1 against Panama. Meanwhile, Mexico despaired. It looks as if their World Cup dreams were truly gone...

However, at the last possible moment, a miracle happened. Graham Zusi, midfielder for the United States, banged in an equalizer to tie the game up at 2-2. The voice in the above video is TV Azteca announcer Christian Martinoli's reaction to Zusi's improbable goal. To add insult to injury, the United States scored another goal less than a minute later to make it 3-2.

Overnight, Zusi has become a sensation in Mexico. Hailed as a savior of Mexico's World Cup hopes, people have even started calling him "San Zusi." That's right, Saint Zusi. The word is that Zusi is exploring the possibility of free vacations to Mexico for life. Given the reaction to his heroics so far, hotel owners in Cancún are probably clearing out luxury suites as we speak...