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R.I.P. Explorer.exe

windows - 7459814656
By Kimby

Linux Penguin Develops A Drinking Problem

drinking linux penguin windows - 5972923904
By Unknown

So True It Hurts

apple awesome computer fix linux mac windows - 4671945984

Skip the Recycle Bin

install OS trash windows - 5087424000
By Snake73

Failed Process Fail

not responding windows - 5653925376
By swim_drewid

Choose Your Window Art Carefully

monday thru friday art windows restaurant - 8411691264
Via I'm Ben Warheit

This is Why We All Loved Windows

windows windows xp monday thru friday g rated - 6964440576
By Unknown


basic instructions screenshot ugly useless ux windows work smarter not harder - 3757345024
By Unknown

Windows Doesn't Want You to Learn

error message help windows - 5081256704
By ewot34

Your New Wallpaper

awesome desktop Office Office Space wallpaper windows - 4576922880
By Unknown


boredom clever creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle prank go home microsoft paper signs papercraft prank sass screw you signage sloppy ughhhh windows wiseass - 3308648448
By Unknown

"Potentially" Harm Your Computer?

blue screen blue screen of death vista windows - 5921441024
By Unknown

Time to Upgrade, Data

blue screen of death data Hall of Fame Star Trek upgrade windows - 5407244032
By Unknown

So What Else is New?

windows monday thru friday g rated - 7712730368
By Unknown

Honest Brand Names Don't Sell

apple Hall of Fame logo windows - 5077856256
By Unknown
FAIL planes windows broken Video - 77215745

Need to Break All Your Government Building Windows? That's a Job For the Brazilian Air Force!

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