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A Shocking Beauty of Home Repair

A Shocking Beauty of Home Repair
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Boss tells employee that they're not a manager, so malicious compliance ensues | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/more-input 22h Boss tells l'm not manager so stopped doing her job M background work mental health and substance use services have worked my job long time now. My boss is never available help and hardly on site. Recently she has got new manager who is not impressed with her work ethic, but then lock down happened and he had shield, she has gone straight back her old ways. Boss will often

Boss Orchestrates Their Own Downfall

Malicious compliance for the win.
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Stand Out From the Crowd of Applicants

application lego monday thru friday win work g rated - 8123269120
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If You Need a Great Way to Put Your 2 Weeks Notice in, Look No Further

win guy quits his job with 2 weeks notice in card to boss
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cops sports on the job kids football Video win - 75834625

A Couple of Minneapolis Cops Stopped to Play a Pick Up Game of Football With Kids

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Hopefully Everyone Shouted "Amazon bots, roll out!" at This Awesome Costume

halloween win office costume party winner turned amazon boxes into transformer
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customer service bars list facebook notes Video win - 1054213

After Leaving His Car Parked Overnight, This Bar Left the Perfect Note

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Professional At Work vine p33n win - 72184065

Let's See What The Aliens Think About This Work of Art

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A crazy boss tries to overwork an employee, doesn't compensate them, and ends up regretting it | r/MaliciousCompliance u/WatanabeSama 1d Join Crazy boss tries make work more than anyone, but doesn't want pay accordingly L First, some info and backstory: Minimum wage Brazil R$954,00/month 180,00/month nowadays Back May 2017 started working companny as 2D designer Intern. 2 months later started working hourly, but with some benefits started making R$ 1500,00/month 280,00/month).

Crazy Boss Tries To Overwork Employee, Doesn't Pay Accordingly, Regrets It

Crazy boss shouldn't have played that game.
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customer service hotel list win dating - 966149

This Guy's Thoughtful Hotel Room Request For His Girlfriend is a Jurassic Win in Customer Serivce

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After Writing a Bad Check Years Ago, Someone Paid Back a Pizza Joint for Their Stolen Order

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costume list Game of Thrones win - 1091077

This Office Won Halloween By Dressing Up as 30+ Game of Thrones Characters

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Doctor takes revenge on his trainer by opening up offices around him | r/ProRevenge Join u/bleedybutts 2y Uncle bankrupts his previous employer Not sure if this is petty or pro or whatever be judge My uncle is an Indian doctor 90s there massive doctors shortage Australia so government gave him citizenship. Unfortunately still had sit 3 expensive exams work as doctor Australia. These exams cost thousands dollars, only happened twice year, had limited sitting spots/times and had arbitrary

Uncle Bankrupts Previous Mean Employer

Good for this guy.
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Company won't hire an employee directly and they end up living to regret it.

Company Won't Hire Employee Directly, They Live To Regret It

A literal professional revenge.
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Employee forced to do crazy shift, quits but then gets a raise and promotion | Posted by u/SGCanadian 17 hours ago Gets fired, ends up with promotion instead oc L This story comes used work global big box store may or may not start with W As an aside they also aren't known well they treat staff either TL;DR at bottom. At time this happened worked store room unloading trucks and bringing stock floor be stocked by overnight crew. Our shift at time 330pm-12am. Our store manager made clear no

Employee Walks Out, Gets a Promotion

If only quitting got everyone a raise.
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