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It's Time For Home Depot's Annual Talent Search!

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Laying Bricks Like Dominos is the Only Way to Make Masonry Exciting

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employee gets back at manager by working exact hours | Posted by u/LiabilityLandon 1 day ago O 2 23 23 S 43 图19 can't be late anymore are work only set schedule. Ok boss oc M So after graduated college went back work at my high school job at large auto parts chain have few stories malicious compliance there because miserable place work with miserable management, but think this one takes cake.

Employee Gets Back At Unreasonable Manager By Working Exact Hours

"If you say so, boss."
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Professionalism is Reporting From a Blizzard and Pretending There isn't Snot Running Down Your Face

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Layovers Can Make Traveling Annoying, But Having to Wait 47-Years Between Flights Got the Attention of the Best Customer Service Rep You Could Have Asked For

win travel booked with 47 year layover got the response of the best Skyscanner customer service rep
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Stand Out From the Crowd of Applicants

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One Irish Bar's Solution to Bathroom Graffiti is Equal Parts Clever and Fun

win image irish bar solves bathroom graffiti solution with child's toy
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Let's See What The Aliens Think About This Work of Art

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Butcher Sign WIN

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Employee decides to play their aces after being confronted by their company | r/MaliciousCompliance u/technos All getting is half hour, tops. L Years ago one my employer's clients decided set up new office Fort Wayne, Indiana, and got chosen spend three weeks there getting new space set up. Also chosen job guy another division's Chicago office, Dave.

Employee Plays Their Aces When Confronted By Company

Dave ended up being a gem.
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This Barber Knows How to Give the Customers What They Want

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Surprise, Lunchtime!

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Watch as This Sports Anchor Perfectly Pulls Apart the Olympics For Their Strict Coverage Rules

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When a Heckler Chimes in, the Comedian Destroys Them With Their Own Metaphor

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A collection of times that egotistical people got put in their place | letsgingerale my electricity got shut off and couldn't submit claim on their website because had no power

People's Best "No Power Here" Moments

Always a spectacle to behold.
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The office copy machine just got sexier

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