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Funny work memes about annoying things that happen on the job and will make you appreciate the weekend

17 Annoying Work Memes To Make You Grateful That It's The Freakin' Weekend

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Way Too Much Effort On Wednesday

calendar effort weekend - 5968522240
By Unknown

You Know Damn Well What I'm Doing This Weekend

comic rage comic retail weekend - 5243902208
Funny Friday memes about work

14 Tired Friday Work Memes For When You Just Wanna Go Home

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Working for the Weekend

c&h ch cyanide and happiness FRIDAY weekend - 6527580416
Via Cyanide & Happiness

Almost There

monday thru friday work weekend loading - 8147271424
Via youngprimitive

This Feeling Will Sink in Soon

monday thru friday weekend g rated - 8342862848
Via Izismile

Here it Comes

monday thru friday gifs weekend mondays leaves g rated - 8284827392
Via theCHIVE

That's No Theory, That's a Damn Fact

gifs time weekend - 5203575040
By Unknown


chickens weekend work - 3812446208
By Unknown

Happy Friday! You've Almost Evolved to Weekend Stage!

comic evolution FRIDAY week weekend - 5148478976
By Unknown

Only a Few Hours of Freedom Left

monday thru friday work weekend - 8075567616
By Unknown

Open All The Time, Except When It's Not

closed sign store weekend - 5986909696
By Unknown

Is This What You Look Like Right Now?

monday thru friday expression weekend Cats g rated - 8288965376
Via Dump a Day

Lots of Plans!

comic water cooler weekend - 5122681856
By maxystone (Via

Go Away, Thursday!

FRIDAY TGIF Thursday weekend - 6213107200
By Unknown