Careless Step Mom Learns Her Lesson

People that have the audacity to invite themselves over, and then refuse to follow the house rules are something else. This insensitive step mom used all the water during a gnarly drought, so a glorious case of petty revenge ensued. Check out another glorious case of pro revenge with this aggressive girlfriend who had the nerve to steal from her ex's bank account.

A mean step mom uses all the family's water, so she gets all her bottled water used | r/pettyrevenge Join u/bubonicplagiarism 9h ?1 Wicked witch water Not too long ago were grip one worst droughts have ever seen. Many old timers said worst they'd ever seen so yeah bad live on rainwater catch off house and shed roof and store tanks. At this time 's been well over 18 months since last time rained, so are buying water stock and being very, very frugal with our water ration house.
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