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By Joshburton

Workplace Hazards

danger helicopter monday thru friday sign warning - 8306838784
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By Unknown

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

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On Every Wall In My Office

lazy note warning work - 4582653952
By HoratioVitero


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By Unknown

But How Will They Know?

monday thru friday warning braille sign - 8272516608
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Now These Are Signs I Would Actually Take Seriously

burn cat Hall of Fame sign warning - 4991191552
By Unknown


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By Unknown

Writing Warning Labels is Fun

monday thru friday warning cheese safety first dangerous - 8363121152
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Do You Have Any Last Words?

caution danger road sign warning - 5917387520
By Unknown

I Call it "the Workpiece"

monday thru friday warning - 8250961408
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By Unknown

Who Brings Matches To Work?

fire note Smokey toaster warning - 4372390656
By Mike

In Case of Emergency, Panic!

Via danwellman
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