Monday Thru Friday

there I fixed it

Couldn't Find a New Mudflap

monday thru friday makeshift truck there I fixed it - 8106351872
By Unknown

Close Enough

monday thru friday bricks Close Enough cement there I fixed it - 8278630144
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Work With What You Have

monday thru friday construction there I fixed it - 8437857536
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What Does Their Improvised Heater Look Like?

monday thru friday fan air conditioning there I fixed it - 8372111360
Via RJirl

This Was All the Break Room Had to Offer

fork knife lunch monday thru friday there I fixed it work rubber band - 8196967680
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And They STILL Won't Give You a New Computer

monday thru friday work wood computer there I fixed it g rated - 8095061760
By Unknown

No One Will Ever Notice

monday thru friday there I fixed it - 8383150080
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That's one way to make sure you aren't late to work

alarm clock there I fixed it waking up - 5689608960
By Unknown

Finally, Some Shade

monday thru friday shade construction cardboard there I fixed it g rated - 8316711680
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Sometimes You Have to Improvise

door monday thru friday there I fixed it - 8327049472
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Just Get Some Duct Tape, It'll Be Fine

duct tape there I fixed it - 6878458880
By Unknown

Wondering What to Do With That Unsightly Stain in Your Office?

monday thru friday ceiling stain there I fixed it snowman g rated - 8375949312
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Budget Cuts Always Hit the Bathroom First

monday thru friday urinal bathroom there I fixed it - 8310251264
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The Repair Budget is Shot

monday thru friday rocks doorbell broken there I fixed it - 8244469248
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Forgot Your Fork This Morning?

monday thru friday paper clip fork eating there I fixed it - 8372113664
Via The Bored Ninja

If There's No Room in the Budget For a Real Desk

monday thru friday furniture desk there I fixed it - 8285760000
Via theCHIVE
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