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The Office is an American TV series that captured the hearts, minds and staplers of office workers, and normal people, around the world. Airing from 2005-2013, The Office's candid depiction of the mediocrity and weirdness that occurs in workplaces, especially offices, has left us all feeling a little better about our own 9 to 5 grind. 

funny work memes about going to work everyday and having a job

17 Cynical Office Memes That'll Keep You From Looking At The Clock

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I Can't Sleep Without at Least Four Warm Reams on Me

animated copier gifs paper television the office - 5304922880
By Unknown
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Work Memes For People Who Are Over It

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Jello! Where Is My Stapler?

Jello orange prank stapler the office - 4611220736
By whatsername226

Don't Do This at Work... Or at Home...

gifs the office dwight schrute - 6847475200
By Unknown

The Crystal Ethod

conference room gifs meeting Michael Scott seminar the office - 6279442944
By Unknown

Aw Dammit, Jim

Jello prank the office - 4878852096
By Unknown

Don't Make This Mistake Today!

the office Valentines day - 7055850240
By Unknown

Party Tonight, But Save Some Celebrating For Your Coworkers on Monday

the office St Patrick's Day work - 8106519552
Via TV Tango

There's Always That One Coworker Who Lives on a Beet Farm and Makes Ice Cream Out of His Beets But Won't Share With Anyone So Ben & Jerry's Has to Make a Flavor For It By Themselves

dwight schrute ice cream the office - 4904035840
Via Picnic Basket

I Believe You Ate My Stapler

Jello prank stapler the office - 4568229120
By Unknown

I'm Still in Recovery

Cookie Monster Michael Scott the office youtube - 5015716608
By Unknown
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The Office Memes: 10 Best Memes Of The Week

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Unprofessional Behavior

monday thru friday the office dwight schrute prank - 8380055040
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boredom creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle prank cute half-assed Jello lazy nice prank Sad sass sculpture snacks stapler tape the office unoriginal wiseass - 3422963200
By Unknown
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47 Scrollable Memes For Maximum Relaxation

Memes = self care.
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