Monday Thru Friday


Make sure to check the tape, just make sure its not Spinal Tape. We might never get rid of that. Take your puns to the next level with these sticky puns and jokes all about tape.

Office Prank Friday: At Least You can Use Your Monitor?

foil newspaper office prank prank tape trick Video - 5324031488
By Rocky

Strep Tape

funny personification tape - 4247452672
By Unknown


arrested development blue cubicle prank tape - 4131726336
By Unknown

Keyboard Shortcuts

tape Paste cut copy scissors eraser - 6657145344
By _C_A_T_

Are You Sure You Need to Request So Many Rolls of Tape?

monday thru friday office supplies tape - 8266329856
Via Izismile

Apparently, You Can Have Your Tape and Get It Too

g rated Hall of Fame monday thru friday scotch tape tape - 6180443392
Via J-Me Original Design


anthropomorphic awesome co-workers not boredom cartoon eyes creativity in the workplace creepy cubicle boredom cute decoration depressing imaginary friend personification scotch tape sculpture so lonely tape - 3881111552
By Hannah 'holla' Webb

Don't Touch That Dave

hal notes tape - 4257050624
By Unknown
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