39 Memes To Get You Back Into The Grind

Many of you are sinking back into your realities of school and work - here's a little something to ease your pain. Plenty of sarcastic ironic memes that will have you rolling on the floor, or crying as you commiserate with the individuals who share your pain. Sometimes sharing is caring, and when you have no one to turn to, you can always count on memes to have your back. They won't go away, even if you want them to.

Still suffering? These work memes won't end your woes but will hopefully offer a quick distraction from reality. Or check out this set of work memes all about the joys and sorrows of the work week and being a drone. 

Collection of random memes about dating, school, work, jobs, storms, summer, fall, drinking, anxiety, food, pizza, depression, friends, dogs, tinder, online dating.
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