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You Will Never Be an Astronaut

dreams failure post it sticky - 4969602304
By Unknown

Different Colors Add To The Fun

cartoons Chart drawing face mug post it sticky - 4468830208
By Unknown

A Sticky Situation

lost and found signs sticky tag - 5121701376
By WiredPig (Via

A Red Sticky Day

breakroom microwave post it sticky - 5001422336
By Jared Brown
Music post it sticky Video - 21007361

Directed by Steven Stickyberg

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Meanwhile, a Stereo Plays the Song on Endless Loop

Nyan Cat post it sticky sticky notes - 5222850560

Insert Into Time Machine

floppy disc post it sticky time machine xerox - 4465755648
By Unknown

Traffic Jam

facepalm note soda sticky vending machine - 4451625728
By hohospade

Life Is Like A Vending Machine...

note passive aggressive sticky vending machine - 4388226816
By Unknown

This Is Just Tacky, Guys

note sign sticky tacks wall - 4493021952
By Unknown

Didn't Know They Made 'Em That Big

eggs milk sticky to-do list - 4398686208
By Unknown