Monday Thru Friday


Must Be One Important Stapler

Hall of Fame jesus stapler - 5907438080
Created by Unknown

Best Stapler Ever

awesome cool funny smile stapler weird - 4624402688
Created by Unknown


anthropomorphic boredom cartoons creativity in the workplace creepy cubicle boredom decoration equipment face hardware nerd decor nightmare personification printer Sad sass sculpture stapler teeth Terrifying TGIF walrus - 3498956544
Created by Unknown


ninjas signs stapler warning - 4021451008
Created by MrChuckles

Two to Forty? That's Just a Suggestion...

monday thru friday stapler - 8417168640
Via theCHIVE


creative creativity in the workplace googly eyes shark stapler staples - 4115710720
Created by keithisonfire

You should have seen what happened to the last stapler

microwave stapler - 5424909312
Created by carsonjrogers

At What Point Did You Realize That?

note stapler staples - 4239459840
Created by cmdr_keen

Young Staplesnipper Has EVOLVED!

art boredom cartoons cartoon eyes creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cute decoration depressing hardware Sad sculpture staple remover stapler - 3526669568
Created by Unknown

Just Another Day at the Office

staples stapler - 6738444544
Created by nrjfalcon1

Cracking Crème Brûlée, Office Version

gun stapler - 6048030464
Created by Mr. Nomnomnomaths

Office Swag: Staple the Date

office swag staple stapler - 4897042944
Via Yanko Design


boredom creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle prank cute half-assed Jello lazy nice prank Sad sass sculpture snacks stapler tape the office unoriginal wiseass - 3422963200
Created by Unknown

Jello! Where Is My Stapler?

Jello orange prank stapler the office - 4611220736
Created by whatsername226

Show Your Co-Workers That You Care

Office office prank prank stapler staples tie - 5948822528
Created by Unknown
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