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Name Misspellings: Not Limited to Baristas

customer service name monday thru friday spelling misspelling g rated - 8263035136
Via two_toed_sloth

I've Never Met Anyone By That Name

customer service spelling - 7486929920
By bryghtsyde

Maybe if You Spelled Her Name Right...

monday thru friday spelling sign - 8328354304
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Wee Hav De Best Flours

spelling - 7586781952
By Unknown

Still Makes Sense, Actually

monday thru friday sign now hiring misspelling spelling g rated - 8295970048
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Technically Accurate

bulletin board policy safety spelling unsafe - 5854924032
By Unknown

Is Your Moose Giving You Problems?

computer monday thru friday spelling misspelling mouse - 8361032960
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Dat Phil

monday thru friday barista Starbucks misspelling coffee spelling name - 8393911296
Via ptony719

Close Enough!

engineer spelling - 6539002112
By Unknown

MS Outlook, aka Fail 2011

ghetto grammar outlook spellcheck spelling - 5184636160
By kmach

Thuesday is the Best Day of the Week

monday thru friday sign restaurant misspelling spelling - 8431854592
Via Izismile

Starbucks Opens First Juice Bar, Spells “Vegetables” Wrong

g rated Hall of Fame juice monday thru friday spelling Starbucks vegetables - 5999730176
By Unknown

I'm Confused...

paint parking spelling what - 4232672000
By Ignatz-Mom

You Had OEN Job to Do!

you had one job ice machine spelling - 7673096192
By Unknown

Mark Was Always a Fan of the Ocean

Via SkyKitty

Fawlty Speling

spelling - 7040006400
By Summerrrz
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