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I've Never Met Anyone By That Name

customer service spelling - 7486929920
By bryghtsyde

But, We Need A Hero

bathroom batman funny sign spelling - 4516740608
By Soundsofamime


bathroom notes spelling what - 3992135936
By Ola Norman

Is Your Moose Giving You Problems?

computer monday thru friday spelling misspelling mouse - 8361032960
Via spikesandhands

Following Instructions to the Letter...

barista name monday thru friday spelling Starbucks misspelling - 8361054976
Via Jakopie

Boot Camp Could Be a Little More Disciplined

misspelling no parking spelling - 4977437184
By Unknown


box depressing embarrassing error files herp derp idiot illiterate label misspelling moron pwned Sad shameful sharpie spelling tragic typo worst - 3671903488
By Unknown

No Thanks...

spelling - 8002581248
By Unknown

The "E" Is Hidden on the Other Side of the Bottle

complaints spelling vending machine - 4818726400
By Frank

Hopefully Not Seen at a Barnes and Noble

business facepalm grammar sale sign spelling - 5355626240
Via reddit
spelling Starbucks names - 150277

Starbucks is Terrible With Names

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We Don't Cloes For Hours

monday thru friday sign open misspelling spelling - 8300927744
Via theBERRY

Dat Phil

monday thru friday barista Starbucks misspelling coffee spelling name - 8393911296
Via ptony719

Close Enough!

engineer spelling - 6539002112
By Unknown

You Had OEN Job to Do!

you had one job ice machine spelling - 7673096192
By Unknown

Manger tested, manger approved

clever g rated hacked M thru F manager spelling typos work - 5524179968
By Bravekalel
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