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Yeah, Just Taking a Break Next to the Corn Syrup Cooler

break break room coca cola drink gross soda water cooler - 5323202304

If They Can't Fix You, No One can

soda doctor fixed monday thru friday g rated - 7093753344

Monday Meme: Your Break Room Soda Break Is Now RUINED

breakroom meme sign soda - 5199868416

Happy Birthday, Nate!

monday thru friday candy birthday soda mountain dew cubicle - 8422693120
Via SomeRationalGuy

Sometimes You Have to Lay Down the Law

monday thru friday sign soda fast food g rated - 8242470400
Via cloudtree

This Coworker is a Thief AND a Jerk

coworkers soda monday thru friday jerks work note g rated - 8158465280
Via PickleSlice


anthropomorphic art boredom cartoons creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cup decoration depressing dickheads doodle drink personification Sad sculpture soda straw styrofoam TV work smarter not harder - 3616559872
Created by Diana

Thought You Were On A Diet...

diet kitchen sign snack soda - 4561250304

Frozen Explosion

breakroom coke freezer fridge refrigerator soda - 4995305216
Created by Unknown

Pop Top Basket

basketball boredom soda - 4371966976


awesome awesome co-workers not boredom clever creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle prank decoration diabetes diarrhea diarrhea all over the place dickhead co-workers gross hardware high fructose corn syrup ingenuity mountain dew pop prank punkd pwned recycling screw you sculpture soda sugar wiseass wrapping your ever-expanding ass - 3802223360

Maybe No One Will Notice

monday thru friday soda price tag - 8190123776
Via Izismile

The Devil's Milkshake

fast food food service Hall of Fame satan soda - 5020113152

The Art of Soda Stacking

monday thru friday pop St Patrick's Day soda work grocery store - 8106540288
Via Moon Gazing & Star Dust

Your Desktop is Almost Full

awesome co-workers not boredom caffeine creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom dickheads ergonomics gross high fructose corn syrup mess mountain dew Sad screw you sculpture soda wasteful wiseass yuck - 3320926720

That's the Third Time This Week!

monday thru friday corn soda fast food - 8188356096
Via The Berry
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