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credit card scam in replies to a customer service complain

What Started as an Airline Complaint was Quickly Hijacked By a Twitter Scammer and Ends With Everyone Getting a Lesson in the Perfect Fake Credit Card Number

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People describe the various ways that they managed to troll their bosses without breaking the rules | SergeantKoopa 8y couple friends mine work at Wal-Mart. They found out kilts are well within dress code as long as they are correct color. Drove their managers nuts s been year and absolutely no problems though

Ways People Trolled Their Bosses Without Breaking Rules

Bonus points for being so clever.
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Honest Scammer Is Honest

chat funny im nigeria scammer - 6040262912
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trolling scammers

Guy Wastes Scammer's Time in Brilliant Fashion While Taking Us along for One Very Amusing Ride

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