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Management Sure Has a Sassy Attitude

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This Uber Driver Lays Out Three Simple Rules to Get a 5-Star Rating as a Passenger

uber driver posts sign to get 5 star rating and how to get one as a passenger
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And It Doesn't Change When You Graduate (Assuming You're Lucky Enough to Be Employed, That Is)

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Stringent Workplace Regulations

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People describe the various ways that they managed to troll their bosses without breaking the rules | SergeantKoopa 8y couple friends mine work at Wal-Mart. They found out kilts are well within dress code as long as they are correct color. Drove their managers nuts s been year and absolutely no problems though

Ways People Trolled Their Bosses Without Breaking Rules

Bonus points for being so clever.
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Spending Less Quality Time in the Restroom From Now On

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quitting your job with a bang

14 Ex-Employees That Broke The Rules Their Last Day Of Work

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Join The Foot!

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Having Fun With Mandatory Signage

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Employee proves point to manager by letting customer stay til 5 am | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Ratsincorduroy 23 hours ago Proved my manager s better warn customers closing time oc M used work at store open until 2AM every night week, so as can imagine 2AM rolled around always ready get out there. Around 1:45AM would walk around and let each customer know individually store closing 15 minutes, and ask them if they needed help finding anything before then did this about 4 months working

Manager Won't Make Customers Leave, Customer Stays Until 5 AM

It's a better idea to let people know it's closing time.
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funny petty elevator revenge story | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/-BigBadBeef Petty revenge against petty shipyard security work shipyard. COVID has seen some pretty harsh measures which actually endorse, since shipyard attracts workers all over world. One these measures lists maximum amount people can occupy elevator at once. Only 3 can use elevator at any given time, but only one if transport materials alongside.

Worker Deploys Petty Revenge on Elevator Rule Stickler

People can get petty.
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Some Coworkers Could Use a Reminder

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