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I Don't Want to Serve You, Customers

customer service hiding retail - 4098093056
By rcarson74587

The Joys of Working Retail

monday thru friday sign retail fart g rated - 8300791808
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This Should Bring in the Customers

monday thru friday retail work - 8085071360
By Unknown

No Ladder, No Problem

monday thru friday chair retail shopping cart - 8420115712
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Sometimes Folding the Shirts is the Highlight of Your Day

monday thru friday retail t shirts - 8440251648
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The Customer is Not Always Right

monday thru friday FAIL retail work cell phone - 8138343168
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Nice Touch

aquarium finding nemo monday thru friday retail - 8306826240
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Relatable memes about working customer service.

18 Relatable Memes Capturing The World Of Working Retail

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This Look Used to Be Stylish, Right?

monday thru friday poorly dressed mannequin retail pants backwards g rated - 8266292224
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What is this Math Sorcery?

change customers math rage comic retail wizardry wrong - 5352743168
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Where Should I Put the Dustpan Display?

monday thru friday retail grocery store g rated - 8258649088
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Is Christmas Over Yet?

monday thru friday christmas retail christmas tree sale g rated - 8402467840
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I'm Willing to Bet the Latter

cashier comic customer service rage comic retail rude - 5294209024
By Unknown
unreasonable customer asks for refund

Insane Customer Demands Refund for Her Own Vase She Ruined

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God, Shannon, You're the Worst

cashier customer service retail - 5125312000
By Unknown


animals awesome cat Cats costume derp dummies innuendo kinky mannequin pun retail sex shopping sneaky strange weird - 3727159296
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