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One Order of Free Cheesy Breadsticks Too Many

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A woman calls out some café owners for shady business practices.

Woman Calls Out Café Owners For Shady Practices

Those owners asked for it.
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Sound Business Model

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It's a Mutually Beneficial Relationship!

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Lying Karen customer review gets destroyed by owner's response | Cowshed at Hucknall COWSHED 1 d Hi Jo, thanks reaching out love feedback, whether be positive or negative especially love feedback like this so others can see type people have deal with sometimes. First all ll address 700 and party claim have spent now both know this isn't true don't Jo s not even remotely accurate as spent, but l'll crunch numbers Our most expensive pizza on menu is £9.00, this means if ordered only pizzas have

Lying Karen Gets Decimated By Owner's Response

Don't tell lies, Karen.
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Dead Lobster

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The Importance of Soap

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Why Can't I Hold All These...Wait, I Can!

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Sex Sells

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Choose Your Window Art Carefully

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Who Gave the Customer a Pen?

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Managed By Don Worry

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Don't Tell Anyone

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You Have Been Warned

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Restaurant Memes and tweets about work and working in the food service industry and restaurants in general |

43 Hilarious Restaurant Memes and Moments That Summarize What It's Like to Work in the Industry

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