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Never Gonna Make You Cry

funny restaurant sign Never Gonna Make You Cry
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Get Your Waffle On

monday thru friday sign breakfast parody restaurant waffles - 8419164416
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Master Waiter

hot dog monday thru friday restaurant waiter g rated - 8411930112
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Happy Cinco de Mayo, Trabajadores!

restaurant soup of the day - 6192528640

Let's See if THEY Like How it Feels

monday thru friday sign work restaurant g rated - 8075913984
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This Restaurant Takes a Day Off to Show That Their Customers Aren't Always Right

customers monday thru friday restaurant sign - 8328386560
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He's Gone to the Pearly Gates in the Sky

burger king fast food McDonald's restaurant - 6275963392

One Order of Free Cheesy Breadsticks Too Many

customers food service red lobster restaurant service waiter - 5307654656

You've Had Your Laugh, Now Put the Sign Back

bathroom monday thru friday restaurant sign work - 8081866496

I Learned It's Not Really What It's All About

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What's on the Menu?

restaurant - 6591670528

Terrible Service, Great Entertainment

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Thanks. Thanks a Whole Freakin' Lot.

tip tipping restaurant receipt - 6751632896

Bean Burrito: Going the Extra Mile

monday thru friday sticker burrito mr bean restaurant mr bean mr bean - 8350267648
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"Johnson, You're Stupid and Will Never Amount to Anything" Was a Close Second

restaurant sign restaurant monday thru friday g rated - 6716572672

Can't Pass Up an Offer Like That!

monday thru friday sign gas restaurant fast food - 8419132928
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