Monday Thru Friday


Ain't Nobody Got Time for Math!

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By Unknown

Come Back Tomorrow For a New One!

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The Store Must Have Been Packed During This Sale

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By Unknown

Want Fries With That?

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By Unknown

Customers Never Check Their Math

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Thanks. Thanks a Whole Freakin' Lot.

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By Unknown

What Did He Have?

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By Unknown

Restaurant Gives Customers a 50 Percent Discount After Calling Them "Fat Girls" on Their Receipt

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I Prefer Normal Toppings Like Sausage... NO WAIT!!!

pizza receipt - 6729628416
By Unknown

Here's My Rezoom

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By Alex W

Servers Will Be Tipped in Laughter

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By Unknown

Wow That Was Free?

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By Unknown

What's Your Name?

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And Then Tell Him About It Later

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By Unknown

Imprisoned in Retail

help receipt trapped - 5149081088
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