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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

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32 Pun-Filled Memes And Corny Jokes

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monday thru friday sign accident puns window - 8379876864
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news star wars job weather puns Video win - 76814081

This British Weather Reporter Packs 12 Star Wars Puns in 40 Seconds

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Watch Out For the Deuces

monday thru friday plumbing puns slogan truck - 8386796288
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monday thru friday sign puns fruit - 8391898880
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The Opportunity Was Too Good to Pass Up

monday thru friday law and order puns business name g rated - 8202567168
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Christopher and All of His Family Members Too

monday thru friday sign puns - 8363128576
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Fat Cats

lyrics puns Cats money - 7159230208
Created by Unknown

Puns Are Delicious

puns monday thru friday restaurant sign g rated - 8335031296
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I'm Not (Fe)-Lyin'

monday thru friday sign pets puns Cats g rated - 8131047424
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For Once, This Claim Isn't a Scam

monday thru friday billboard puns - 8341564672
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True in Too Many Ways

puns monday thru friday g rated - 6997088000
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Home of the One Cycle?

monday thru friday Lord of the Rings work puns laundromat - 8114613248
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They Just Don't Teach Customer Service the Way They Used to

customer service jokes puns - 8300020224
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I C Wat U Did There

furniture signs puns - 7153060352
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Make Sure You Never Need Help From the IT Department First

funny pun image IT coffee java sign joke
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