Monday Thru Friday


By "Work" I Mean "Cat Pics"

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Where Did All the Rubber Bands Go, Paul?

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Procrastinating is Good For You?

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Non Sequitur Work Distraction of the Week: Procrastinate at Work by Watching This Video on Procrastination

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You Are, Aren't You?

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An Open Letter to Anonymous

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And Everything Was Even Better and More Productive After That! Wait...

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I Don't Know What Came Over Me

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Monday Thru Friday: And the Cycle Completes Itself...

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200 Pages of Reports to Read? More Like Curing Cancer!

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If the 50s had Foresight

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Graduate School: After the Professors Go Home

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funny memes with children

22 Random Memes For You To Browse While You Pretend To Work

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Monday Anti-Inspiration

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