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Alas, It is Time for Me to Go

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By Unknown

Where Are Your Precious Lasers to Save You Now?

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By Unknown
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This Printer/Cabinet Setup Cuts Out the Middle Man

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Oh You're a Naughty Printer

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The office copy machine just got sexier

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By AerodyneLove

I'm Onto You, Printer!

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By Unknown

I... I Don't Know What to Do With This Email...

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By Unknown

A Quick Guide to Printer Maintenance

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Via PhD Comics


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HAL 9000 the Printer

2001 a space odyssey HAL 9000 printers skynet - 5570551808
By Sheila Hoover

A Couple of Office Cut-Ups

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By Unknown

But... But You... You Used...

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By Unknown

Gone Are the Days of the Separate But Equal Printers

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By Unknown

Need This Report Printed in 30 Seconds?

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Printers Have It Out for Us

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Via Something of That Ilk

Beeeeeep Wuuuurt Ksch-Ksch-Ksch-Ksch Vwaaaaaamp

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