Manager Won't Make Customers Leave, Customer Stays Until 5 AM

Anyone who's worked retail knows that there are some infuriating customers out there, and sometimes they need a push in the right direction. This manager had it in their head that no one should be told to leave at 2 am, so this employee made a point to show just how bad of an idea that can be. It got results. For more customer stories, here are bold and mistaken customers who were at the wrong store.

Employee proves point to manager by letting customer stay til 5 am | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Ratsincorduroy 23 hours ago Proved my manager s better warn customers closing time oc M used work at store open until 2AM every night week, so as can imagine 2AM rolled around always ready get out there. Around 1:45AM would walk around and let each customer know individually store closing 15 minutes, and ask them if they needed help finding anything before then did this about 4 months working
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