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I See What You Did There

Pokémon blinds I see what you did there van - 8301085440
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"Sick" Days. Riiight...

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Costco is a Strange and Magical Place

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No Love for Charizard Here. Not Cool.

Pokémon wait - 5817103872
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Pokémon FAIL meeting Video - 81604865

Being a Pokémon Trainer is F*ckin' Hard Work, Even a State Briefing Shouldn't Stop You

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Smell Ya Later, Loser!

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IT Guy's Story About Messing Up Big Time, Accidentally Changing Client's Desktop to 'Sexy Pikachu' is Hilarious

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Post-It Art Goes Marching On

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It Doesn't Take Much

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He Used Bribe, It's Super Effective

Pokémon comic - 7241042176
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Usually Starbucks Employees Get Just Some Names Wrong

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Metapod, The Most Useless Pokemon

Office Pokémon unicorns - 5742731776
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