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COD: Office Warfare

awesome binder clips call of duty cod DIY gun pen pencil stapler - 4564816128
By Unknown

Every Single Time

monday thru friday packaging pen g rated - 8330470144
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Your Everyday Run-of-the-Mill Office Bow and Arrow

clever crossbow DIY office supplies pen rubber band weapon - 5411044096
By Unknown

For When You Need the Break Room Coffee to Pack Extra Punch

comic pen whiskey - 4874359552
By ed (Via

Pen Security is Serious Business

chain security monday thru friday overkill pen - 8430802176
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Sigh...Time to Clean the Wall Again

monday thru friday office supplies marker pen sign retail - 8404388352
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Who Hasn't Made One Of These?

creativity pen rubber band weapon - 4275844864
By Ace

Serious Skills

pen - 6177490688
By Unknown

Not Shown: Part Where the Pen Breaks Open and Spills

broken Chart graph ink paper pen rage - 5300623360
By Unknown

There's a Missing Sliver that Should Say "You Never Dropped it"

Chart graph lost office supplies pen - 5311821568
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You Should See What They Keep the Bathroom Key Attached To

monday thru friday pen fast food chain - 8438645248
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Is This Pen More or Less Likely to Get Stolen From Your Desk?

monday thru friday pen - 8375284224
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But the World is Part of the Universe

monday thru friday pen work - 8134116864
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awesome gun pen rubber bands - 3803251968
By Unknown

Paperclip X-Wing

awesome creative paperclips pen star wars x wing - 4441752576
By Steve

Time to Steal Some More Pens from the Supply Closet

bored broken me gusta okay face pen rage comic - 5303825664
By Unknown
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