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Why Did You Hire Them in the First Place?

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The Devil's in the Detailing

disabled parking lot parking space satan the devil's in the detail - 6500222720
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And They Said the Office Didn't Need a Forklift

monday thru friday forklift parking lot work - 8046172928
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Tastes Like Asphalt

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By masonfoxmatthews
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Revenge of the Boom Barrier

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If you're forced to come in on a snow day, this is the best way to get your passive aggression out

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An Easy Way For Your Business to Rake in the Bad Publicity

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Work Around Your Problems

construction monday thru friday parking lot - 8236738816
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It Sure Feels That Way

monday thru friday parking space parking lot loser sign - 8196939776
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I Was Late and the Gate Rose Too Slowly...

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Parking Lot Prison

jail parking lot parking space pole prison trapped - 6303778816
By Unknown

Some People Just Never Learn...

parking lot Walmart - 7494687488
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"Umm... What About 21 Minutes and 58 Seconds?"

no parking parking parking lot - 6527360256
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How Parking Lots are Made

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Your Cover's Blown

cars email parking lot reply - 4822460160
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It's ADA Accessible

derp disabled parking lot - 6537489152
By Unknown
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