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Not Pictured: White-Out (CTRL + ALT + DEL)

office supplies pencils scissors tape white out - 7829663488
Created by Unknown

Are You Sure You Need to Request So Many Rolls of Tape?

monday thru friday office supplies tape - 8266329856
Via Izismile
awesome FTW office supplies staples Video - 14124033

Staple Sydney

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If I Expend More Energy, Things Work Better, Right?!

office supplies passive aggressive stapler warning - 5386736128
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Take Office Rubber Band Wars to the Next Level

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Office Swag

awesome keyboard office supplies swag - 4645542144
Created by Unknown

Beware the Deadly Sting!

clips office supplies staple remover - 5420922112
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Go Raid the Office Stash of Binder Clips RIGHT NOW

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Pen Thieves: Lowest of the Low

office supplies pens prank thieves - 4542160384
Created by Unknown


art basic instructions boredom creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom office supplies paper signs post it prank Sad sass signage stupid wasteful wiseass - 3263928832
Created by zanthius

Office Swag: Carpet Skates

awesome office supplies slide swag - 4645537792
Created by Unknown

Why Your Highlighter is Always Dried Out

monday thru friday office supplies FAIL - 8244420864
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art arts and crafts bored boredom cartoon eyes childish crazy creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom decoration depressing imaginary friends medicine office supplies Sad scotch tape sculpture so lonely staple remover stapler toys tragic arts and crafts wasteful - 3681999104
Created by Unknown

For Sale WIN

sign office supplies for sale printer - 6828058368
Created by Unknown

Pay for your supplies again

awesome co-workers not clever creativity in the workplace cubicle rage ingenuity office kitchen office supplies passive aggressive pens Sad screw you vending machine wiseass work smarter not harder - 3276051712
Created by badlibrary

Missing Supplies?

equipment office supplies stealing - 4765582592
Created by onyxblood
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