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air conditioning awesome co-workers not baby basic instructions beg dickheads note paper signs plea post it Sad temperature thermostat warning whine - 3935241216
By Unknown

Just What You Need After a Long Day

monday thru friday beer cash pizza work note dad Cats g rated - 8185254656
Via Cnelz

"Squirrel Handling" Wasn't in the Job Description

monday thru friday hotel squirrel note g rated - 8426697472
Via Bro My God

Tyler Durden Would Be Very Disappointed

club coffee fight club note sign - 4443885312
By johnnyface

How Some Businesses Bid Their Customers Farewell

monday thru friday sign sushi note closed - 8213516032
Via Mike_Aurand

I Guess I'll Use The Other One...

broken note sign vending machine - 4416859648
By Unknown

Photocopying 101

copier note paper signs - 4261208576
By Unknown

Get It Together, Ashley

work passive aggressive shoes Get It Together, Ashley
Via BlindiRL

Evacuation Plan

evacuation note plan signs - 4272567552
By Fibi.Noels

Nice Try Guy Who Actually Did It

bathroom note sign toilet wipe - 4489550336
By Unknown

This Guy Should Just Get a Little Fridge For His Cubicle

monday thru friday energy drink work note threat - 8131479552
Via Big10Tens

You Really Should Be Using The Women's Room

bathroom note sign urinal vagina wtf - 4445058048
By Unknown

Well This Is Confusing

coffee decaf note - 4508240384
By dreamer_with_big_dreams

If You're Gonna Spew, Spew Into This

cup note sign spit - 4488953600
By Unknown

Pacifist Printer

note printer violence - 4286836224
By Casey Kelly


angry awesome co-workers not basic instructions cubicle rage depressing dickhead co-workers fridge politics gross kitchen lazy mess note office kitchen paper signs rage rant sass screw you sign signage sink - 3949956096
By Unknown
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