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lost missing note sign - 4497947136
Created by Bastard Sheep

People Just Want a Little Variety

Via jimthehacksawduggan

Time To Invest In An Office Dishwasher

dishwasher dry erase note passive aggressive - 4340664064
Created by Cedric


beg cash dumb fake money note plea prank punkd PWND request signage stolen theft thief - 3994717440
Created by Howard

Well, If You Insist

bills cash fry futurama money note tip - 6008471040
Created by Unknown

Just Take the Damn Sweets!

candy diet note passive aggressive - 5310430464
Created by maxystone ( Via Passive Aggressive Notes )

"Squirrel Handling" Wasn't in the Job Description

monday thru friday hotel squirrel note g rated - 8426697472
Via Bro My God

When Dad Jokes Spread to the Office

Text - Please eat the Ice curan in th freezer 1t' too cold and cramped in here. 111 just eut come in the Ktden Brenda
Created by Unknown

This Wasn't in the Job Description

delivery fedex monday thru friday package sign work note - 8175032320
Via KyleGriz

I Thought This Was Common Knowledge

bathroom clog note sign toilet paper weird wipe - 4646138624
Created by Unknown

Get It Together, Ashley

work passive aggressive shoes Get It Together, Ashley
Via BlindiRL

Wise Man Say, "Never Waste Good Pizza"

note passive aggressive pizza thanks thief waste - 4538370304
Created by Unknown

With The Economy The Way It Is...

bathroom conference room men note - 4235201536
Created by hserb79

I Always Shotgun My Cokes

coke hole note vending machine - 4722294272
Created by hohospade

I Need To Take My Bong To The Vet

awesome employee note - 4671792384
Created by Unknown

God Damned Poinsettias

letter note - 4268748032
Created by V_Muse
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