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April Showers Brings May's News Bloopers

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Always So Calm And Professional

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Go Home News, You're Drunk

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Choosing Your Words is a Slippery-Slope When Announcing Another Delay, After 8-Hours of Delays

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"All of the Above"

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Your iPad Assemblers Are Dancing "The Robot"

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"I'll Just Fill Those In Later..."

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CNN's Poppy Harlow Passes out on Live Broadcast

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This Just In!!!

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Welcome to My Job

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Swedish National Television Accidentally Broadcasted This News Anchor Practicing Before They Were Supposed To Go Live

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Steve Jobs Resigns. Let the Apple-Storm Commence.

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Australian Morning Show Anchor Takes a Few Seconds to Realize What She's Said Live

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Customer Satisfaction Reports

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Some People Just Can't Resist Being On Live TV

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