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It's a shame the rest of that series is so damn bad

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When the Boss is Away, the Music Will ROCK

monday thru friday sign Music g rated - 8221712384
Via The Chive

Weird, it Just Keeps Printing the Same Four Pages Over and Over Again

bob marley broken Music printer pun - 5328708864
By Ted-m

Everbody's Watching the Same Thing

Music rage comic - 4903543296
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By Unknown
call me maybe carly rae jepsen cover Music Video - 41110273

The Daily What: U.S. Troops Morale Booster of the Day

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Music donald trump cringe Video politics - 77502465

Donald Trump's Official Jam on His Campaign Trail is as Awkwardly-Bad as You're Imagining

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"Hey, That One Song Is Pretty Good!"

Music note signs - 4272166144


Music notes - 4071032832
By Trigga

Got Coffee All in My Cup

monday thru friday Music fax work - 8093264384
By Unknown

Keep the Streak Going!

happy monday thru friday Music sign g rated - 8232748288
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art queen Music Video - 76953345

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as a Ballet is One Ballet You'll Want to Watch

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Dreams and Jobs Are Mutually Exclusive

job hunt Music musicians - 5148981760
By Unknown
copy Music Video xerox - 22183937

Squeezing Some Beats Out of Soulless Drudgery

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Bee Gees leave in the middle of an interview

The Bee Gees Storm Out Of Interview

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puke Music gross concert Video - 79577601

This is How You Puke and Rally Without Missing a Beat

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