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This Mug is More Broken Than Your Translator!

bing mug - 7486778880
Created by Unknown

Cubicles Are Lonely

eraser hole punch mug personification stapler - 4275254272
Created by Muffinzzz

Someone in Your Office Probably Needs This Mug

monday thru friday computer mug g rated - 8362212096
Via The Meta Picture

We Visit Every [Recurring Period of Time]!

funny coffee mug sign We Visit Every [Recurring Period of Time]
Via javaski

Often Feels That Way

monday thru friday zombie coffee mug The Walking Dead g rated - 8334149376
Via LennyMud Etsy shop

Make Sure No One Uses Your Mug

monday thru friday mug lock g rated - 8315928832
Via Izismile

Good Morning: Here Is Why You Should Drink Some Coffee Before You Pour Yourself Some Coffee

coffee mug spill upside down - 5117660672

That's About How I Feel Before My Morning Cup

coffee creamer mug personification - 4239726592
Created by Unknown

A Mug That Accurately Reflects Your Feelings About Work

monday thru friday work mug g rated - 8075791872
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Now What Do We Do?

monday thru friday scissors mug - 8415274752
Via theCHIVE

Different Colors Add To The Fun

cartoons Chart drawing face mug post it sticky - 4468830208
Created by Unknown

Coworkers Strike Again

monday thru friday coworkers mug - 8317924608
Created by rickshawrecords

It's Important to Keep Up Appearances

monday thru friday etsy mug - 8414530560
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monday thru friday sign work mug break room - 8094803200
Via Pistolfist

Aren't We All

monday thru friday coffee mug - 8319323648
Via Dump a Day

Do You Need This Mug Today?

flipping the bird monday thru friday mug - 8267380736
Via oddity mall
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