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26 Rando Memes To Help You Tough Out Those Monday Blues

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Same to You, Buddy

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The Right Attitude Toward Mondays

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Monday Memes

Monday Meme COME AT ME BRO
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Mondays on Mercury

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What is This Stuff? Here's a Hint: Monday Mornings Would Be Nearly Impossible Without It!

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It's none other than your favorite pick-me-up: caffeine! Raw caffeine powder mush freshly extracted from coffee beans. In it's pure form, caffeine is a bitter white powder that looks a lot like sugar. government

Mondays, Am I Right?

work fail mondays am I right
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Working Overtime, not Even Worth the Milkbones

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That Weekend Feel

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Happy Monday! Hope You're Super Duper Excited to Be Back at Work!

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In the Morning, My Vocabulary is Reduced to Four Words

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C'mon Monday, Just This Once!

Y U NO Case Of The Mondays mondays - 6628736000
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It's Coming

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PCs Are 60 Percent More Likely to Experience a Crash on Mondays

crash monday mondays PC - 5273126912
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14 Monday Memes For Anyone Who's Straight-Up Dead Inside

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