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Stories of big mistakes people made at work | anexistentialpeanut 4.8k points 9 hours ago My first day working at coffe shop left my sharpie oven. Finally found while trying warm sandwich and had shut whole thing down be cleaned smelled like chemical weapon

Times People Really Screwed Up at Work

One misplaced item can turn into a whole lot of pain.
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chaos, mistakes, messes and failures

Misfortune Monday: Chaos is Unavoidable

It's all around us.
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Boss orders office demolition with forklift and it goes wrong | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Naige2020 Drive forklift through oC M This may take while relate but lot happened working as Warehouse Manager pharmaceutical\cosmetic company. Our premises part large industrial complex had been walled off into three smaller buildings had three different businesses occupying them. My office free standing building inside warehouse about size shipping container. My company process

Boss Demands Demolished Office, Gets More than That

Unclear intentions make great big expenses.
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How to Cover Up Mistakes When You Work at a Bakery

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wtf fails and mistakes gone horribly wrong oops | melted porta potty crumbling in on itself | colorful beads that fell out of a box and got all mixed up

Misfortune Monday: The Many Flavors of Chaos

There are a lot of ways things can go wrong.
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Analog Word Processor

eraser mistake pencil word processor - 4399254016
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decaf comics coffee mistake - 7113613312
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