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basic instructions bathroom busted cubicle fail depressing dumb error FAIL hardware misspelling paper signs Sad screw you signage spelling fail toilet toilet graffiti wtf - 3647058944
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Name Misspellings: Not Limited to Baristas

customer service name monday thru friday spelling misspelling g rated - 8263035136
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A Mocha For Oliver!

monday thru friday barista work Starbucks misspelling name - 8043264512
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Following Instructions to the Letter...

barista name monday thru friday spelling Starbucks misspelling - 8361054976
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apathy busted depressing dumb FAIL grammar nazi illiterate lazy mess misspelling official sign paper signs plants price Sad screw you signage spell check spelling error spelling fail typo - 3757183232
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Still Makes Sense, Actually

monday thru friday sign now hiring misspelling spelling g rated - 8295970048
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No, YOU Apologize!

monday thru friday sign out of order misspelling spelling - 8360808960
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Boot Camp Could Be a Little More Disciplined

misspelling no parking spelling - 4977437184
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bathroom misspelling notes toilet - 4177014784
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Remember, Spelling Counts

monday thru friday misspelling grocery shopping spelling fruit grocery store - 8287816960
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Still Awarded Roughly Every Thirty Days

monday thru friday employee of the month misspelling spelling - 8377110528
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Just Give Me Some Numbers and I'll Be Fine

monday thru friday work engineering misspelling mug - 8169198080
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Order For Roxanne!

monday thru friday barista Starbucks misspelling coffee spelling name - 8374529792
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We Don't Cloes For Hours

monday thru friday sign open misspelling spelling - 8300927744
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