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Thanks for All the Grade-A Advice, Clippy

advice animal clippy meme microsoft word spell check spelling - 5312407296
Created by Unknown

Door Trolls

bathroom meme star wars - 4806369280
Created by Unknown

Like a True Boss

boss comic lazy Like a Boss meme rage comic - 5304805888
Via Reddit

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Storage Rooms...

meme storage yo dawg - 4561739264
Created by freevees


art arts and crafts caffeine chalkboard clever creativity in the workplace decoration doodle espresso illustration lunch special meme official sign sandwich board signage special specials board wiseass work smarter not harder - 3772661760
Created by Unknown
blue screen of death bsod crash dos meme Nyan Cat Video windows - 27240193

Meme Invasion: Nyan-Windows

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Monday Memes

Y U No Monday Meme
Created by TheJoker219

Forever a Drone

forever alone job application meme resume - 6217118208
Created by Unknown

Meme Monday: Deep and Insightful Contemplation

meme Office parking Y U No Guy - 5294078976
Created by Unknown

Another Advice Animal, for the Retail Crowd

advice animal business job meme retail work sucks - 5355792896
Via Fyeahretailrobin.tumblr

Scumbag HR Manager

hiring hr lazy meme - 5202492672
Created by Unknown

You've Been Warned

clean fridge meme passive aggressive - 4522738688
Created by Unknown

I Ain't a Hater, Except When I See That Damn Wheel

Hall of Fame meme wait wheel - 5193786880

But I Baked Them Just for You!

browser chrome cookies internet meme - 5167658752

Do the Job that's Right for You, Eh?

job hunt meme quiet rage comic - 5337459200
Created by Unknown

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me gusta meme office chairs - 5439361024
Created by Unknown

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