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The Crystal Ethod

conference room gifs meeting Michael Scott seminar the office - 6279442944
By Unknown

So Much Privacy!

monday thru friday sign meeting - 8356612096
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This Is Why Bosses Do It So Much...

boss Chart donuts drawing meeting - 4454497024
By xyzpdq1

That's the Whole Work Day For Some of Us

monday thru friday lolcats the internets meeting g rated - 8379947776
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I Know We're Short on Space, But REALLY?

monday thru friday sign meeting work bathroom - 8143577856
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Now That's a Meeting I'd Actually Look Forward To

monday thru friday meeting Cats g rated - 8392883712
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This Meeting Shall Come to Order!

monday thru friday costume meeting - 8397707776
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Pokémon FAIL meeting Video - 81604865

Being a Pokémon Trainer is F*ckin' Hard Work, Even a State Briefing Shouldn't Stop You

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Best Meeting Ever

monday thru friday meeting work mask horse mask g rated - 8161961984
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escape meeting - 4193562112
By Unknown

A Fun Game to Play When In a Meeting With Someone Who Can't See You

bingo conference call meeting - 4227098368
By Unknown

Must Have Been A "Bored" Meeting

drawing meeting ms paint powerpoint projector - 4464300800
By Colek
monday thru friday meeting work engineering facepalm engineer g rated - 59643393

What Meetings Feel Like For Engineers

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Do This During A Meeting

bored bored at work Hall of Fame meeting - 5945021952
By Unknown

No Thanks, Clippy. I've Got This One Covered.

clippy meeting - 4694165248
By Unknown
monday thru friday meeting Video - 65898497

Ever Had a Meeting Like This One?

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