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This Look Used to Be Stylish, Right?

monday thru friday poorly dressed mannequin retail pants backwards g rated - 8266292224
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Meme-ify Your Workplace

monday thru friday mannequin retail memes IRL sad keanu work - 8080826880
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Yes, But Can it SPIN That Sign?

monday thru friday sign mannequin - 8408518912
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awesome co-workers not boredom boring creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom dance decoration depressing dumb mannequin Music sculpture signage wiseass - 3548382976
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The Least Sketchy Possible Arrangement For These Mannequins

monday thru friday mannequin retail work - 8104023040
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And You Thought the Dentist Couldn't Get Any Scarier...

monday thru friday scary dentist mannequin - 8288947200
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Mannequin Doesn't Have a Head? Improvise!

monday thru friday poorly dressed retail tape mannequin - 8252149760
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They Don't Let That Person Do the Displays Anymore

monday thru friday mannequin retail - 8237834496
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Gretta, Could I Get Some Coffee in Here?... Gretta?

mannequin monday thru friday - 7377653504
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Latest Trend in Mannequin Design

monday thru friday mannequin retail poorly dressed - 8334946304
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Where Do You Get Your Deals From? The Toilet Store?

bathroom mannequin toilet - 6475785216
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This Retail Worker's Mistake Could Start a New Fashion Trend

monday thru friday poorly dressed mannequin retail sweater - 8425747200
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Fashion is Really Going to the Dogs

monday thru friday dogs poorly dressed mannequin retail mask - 8370206720
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The Avian Look Must Be in For Fall

monday thru friday poorly dressed birds mannequin retail g rated - 8307603456
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awful boredom creepy cubicle boredom decoration decoy dummy ergonomics ingenuity lazy mannequin prank Terrifying weird wiseass work smarter not harder wtf - 3646361856
By Unknown

Clothing Never Fits You as Well as it Fits the Mannequin

clothes monday thru friday mannequin shopping retail poorly dressed - 8256517120
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