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From the Feel Department: Jocks Strike Back

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awesome co-workers not basic instructions broken bug busted confusing cubicle fail derp dickheads dumb error FAIL glitch hardware lame manager official sign paper signs Sad screw you signage stupid wasteful work smarter not harder - 3816226304
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Design, 1; Manager, 0

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Do You Agree?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, We've Found Him

Good Guy Greg manager texas - 6073969920
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Wonder How That Happened

boss employee of the month manager monday thru friday retail - 8355362048
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Manger tested, manger approved

clever g rated hacked M thru F manager spelling typos work - 5524179968
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A power tripping assistant manager gets put in her place | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/fredzred 176d 1 "Clean store TOP BOTTOM. Don't leave until do yes boss L This happened worked retail around 2005 15 working at very small grocery store and although small store were always busy, as near popular beach and along highway rest area night before, l'd worked 12am until 6am packing shelves (there huge delivery coming had be stocked next day offered double time pay shift so jumped at chance work

Power Tripping Assistant Manager Gets Put In Check

Fran had to go.
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Everyone Knows One

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An Act of Subordination

googly eyes manager monday thru friday moustache - 8248770816
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Funny memes, karen memes, speak to the manager, speak to the manager memes. | do say god death? Im gonna need speak manager! arya stark game of thrones | ride isn't even over yet and already want speak manager. splash mountain woman crossing arms looking angry

27 Karen Memes That Mock Compulsive Manager-Seekers

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Funniest work memes ever

15 Of The Funniest Work Memes Ever

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Funny memes about work, boss, management, manager | surprised pikachu meme Boss: do more pay more Boss. Can u come at 9 instead 12 requested $25 Eric. See Details $25 requested $25 Eric. Pending

Funny Memes For Anyone Who's Irritated By Their Boss

These apply to pretty much everyone.
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unfair manager threatens staff with write up and they all walk out | O r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Blewyouremyboy 10 hours ago O 9 10 3 10 9. Work double and get written up or oc M high school few friends and myself worked at local chain restaurant were fully able run day shift but had never really broken down equipment and closed up evening. One particular night few night shift had called sick were asked pull double and close restaurant, which did. Essentially worked 10a.m. until after mi

Unfair Manager Threatens Staff, They All Walk Out

That's gotta feel nice.
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Woman takes over a manager position, is incompetent, power trips, and gets fired | r/ProRevenge Join u/CocktailsPerfected 2y all had bad bosses before, right? Not sure if this is pro revenge, or petty revenge, but figure post here. This does't paint great light, but 18/19 at time, and dick. About 8 or 9 years ago worked retail small outdoor goods store (6 members staff small Ski stuff winter, Camping/hiking summer wasn't passionate about but job's job woman who hired left pretty soon after start

Woman Takes Over Manager Position, Fails At Job, Power Trips, Gets Fired

She never should've been in management.
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internet shares fire me I don't care moments and they do not disappoint

16 People's Triumphant "Fire Me, I Don't Care" Stories

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