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Seriously, You'd Better Watch Out

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Manger tested, manger approved

clever g rated hacked M thru F manager spelling typos work - 5524179968
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Where Managers Spend Most Of Their Day

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Employee proves point to manager by letting customer stay til 5 am | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Ratsincorduroy 23 hours ago Proved my manager s better warn customers closing time oc M used work at store open until 2AM every night week, so as can imagine 2AM rolled around always ready get out there. Around 1:45AM would walk around and let each customer know individually store closing 15 minutes, and ask them if they needed help finding anything before then did this about 4 months working

Manager Won't Make Customers Leave, Customer Stays Until 5 AM

It's a better idea to let people know it's closing time.
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Do You Agree?

ceo golf football manager monday thru friday tennis sports work soccer - 8240429056
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No Excuses This Time!

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awesome co-workers not basic instructions cubicle fail cubicle rage depressing dickhead dickhead co-workers dickheads fired manager mess paper signs rage Sad sass schedule screw you signage threat whine - 3706130176
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The Sign of a True Leader

nicolas cage manager monday thru friday - 8263066368
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Chick-fil-A Manager Bans Employees From Using Slang

monday thru friday manager slang g rated - 8375316992
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Managers Managing

boss comic manager procrastination rage comic - 5230275584
bad airline manager fires employee and tries to make them work | Posted by u/geddes_thesea 1 day ago 52 37 E10 Next week going fire oc M Worked shitty airline company. Let's just make up name United Blairlines. At this company they started smaller company could hire and train people run planes, but pay them way less at certain airports. Where my colleagues at other airports were making over $20/hr getting paid $10.25 same- and sometimes more- work honestly would scare know little people who are

Incompetent Manager Tries To Make Employee Work After Firing Them

Fantastic idea, sir.
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employee gets back at manager by working exact hours | Posted by u/LiabilityLandon 1 day ago O 2 23 23 S 43 图19 can't be late anymore are work only set schedule. Ok boss oc M So after graduated college went back work at my high school job at large auto parts chain have few stories malicious compliance there because miserable place work with miserable management, but think this one takes cake.

Employee Gets Back At Unreasonable Manager By Working Exact Hours

"If you say so, boss."
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Your Supervisor Is Watching You Poop

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An Act of Subordination

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internet shares fire me I don't care moments and they do not disappoint

16 People's Triumphant "Fire Me, I Don't Care" Stories

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Manager tries to embarrass an employee, and ends up self destructing | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/Darigone Total Humiliation told should post this here [TL:DR] Manager used my report meeting set an example Only manager be humiliated by same report work security and have been years common practice is complete report happened during time specifically work patrols. Basically go location location checking on each site

Manager Tries To Embarrass Employee, Proceeds To Self Destruct

See ya later.
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