Monday Thru Friday


In Case of Emergency, Time is of the Essence

monday thru friday emergency lock - 8372054016
Via xaxor

So Secure

monday thru friday sign lock work g rated - 8116107776
Via VadersSpy

Freezer Safety FAIL

door freezer lock security - 5114960128
Created by Collineesh

This Changes Everything!

cage lock refrigerator thief trap - 4263695360
Created by CosplayHoratio

How to Keep Ice Cream in the Office Freezer

freezer monday thru friday lock ice cream g rated - 8313968128
Via Peter Brown

Next They'll Patent the Horse-and-Buggy

apple laptop lock mac - 5142071808

Lock Up Your Valuables

Funny picture of a padlocked pair of scissors which certain folks can certainly relate to.
Created by Unknown

Make Sure No One Uses Your Mug

monday thru friday mug lock g rated - 8315928832
Via Izismile

If It's a Real Emergency, Adrenaline Will Power You Through

button emergency monday thru friday lock - 8303075072
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Labor Day: To Take Time Off From Raging at Office Supplies

lock Memes office supplies rage comic - 5158860800
Created by adreah

Well That's Awfully Selective

bathroom danger lock security - 4994508800
Created by Unknown

Office Swag: That's Pretty Tight Encryption

flash drive lock office swag thumb drive usb drive - 5412143616
Created by Unknown