Monday Thru Friday


Glad We Cleared That Up

disposal garbage literal sign - 4475029760
By Unknown

Not What I Meant

homeless literal passive aggressive - 4037820416
By s1ren

Work At The Literal Agency Is Going Well

desk funny literal - 4356284160
By Unknown

Tried to take a screenshot, succeeded.

literal screenshot - 5679841280
By Unknown

Stop The Draft

literal military note sign - 4475729152
By romeyn

Mr. Literal Strikes Again

fridge literal note passive aggressive - 4458126336
By workerdrone

Apple's Starting to Slack Off on Their PC Business

apple literal PC - 5133193216
By Zee Office Pseudo, Uncompensated Co-Manager when the Boss is Out

Eloquent Expletives Expected

e waste only madlads
By semaht