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Sometimes Work Can Make You Cry

monday thru friday cooking kitchen g rated - 8284861952
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Why Clean When There's A Fairy Around?

fairy kitchen microwave note passive aggressive sign - 4409270528
Created by Flamewolf86

Do You Really Want to Be Responsible For Setting the Building On Fire?

broken fire food kitchen microwave Office - 5409758720
Created by ElJefe
douche food fridge kitchen passive aggressive thief Video - 16710913

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No Hot Food Today

monday thru friday sign work note kitchen broken microwave - 8183986688
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Somebody Left Some Food In The Kitchen...

cookies kitchen passive aggressive sign - 4460873728
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anal anal retentive assinine awesome co-workers not basic instructions crazy depressing dickheads fridge politics hardware jackass kitchen microwave nerd numbers ocd office kitchen paper signs passive aggressive pitiful post it request Sad sass screw you signage time tragic - 3667270400
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Thought You Were On A Diet...

diet kitchen sign snack soda - 4561250304
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addiction barf basic instructions boredom clever coffee creamer creativity in the workplace cubicle prank decoration food fridge politics gross hand sanitizer kitchen lube office kitchen paper signs prank pump sass screw you signage warning wiseass - 3772836864
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When Coworkers Try to Meme

monday thru friday coworkers Memes kitchen dishes - 8405096448
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awful cake cheeky cruel dessert diabetes dickheads food get back to work joke kitchen office kitchen office prank Party prank retirement sugar wiseass - 3990838016
Created by justanotherworkerbee

And Here We Go!

food kitchen note passive aggressive thief - 4567183104
Created by Unknown

Oh, Grow Up!

clean dishes kitchen mess note passive aggressive sign sink - 4602444544
Created by TripEllex78


angry awesome co-workers not basic instructions cubicle rage depressing dickhead co-workers fridge politics gross kitchen lazy mess note office kitchen paper signs rage rant sass screw you sign signage sink - 3949956096
Created by Unknown

Looks Like We've Got Some Problems In The Kitchen

drink kitchen note post it sharpie wasting time - 4515618816
Created by Unknown
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44 Pics and Memes That Perfectly Capture the Highs and Lows of Working in the Food and Service Industry

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