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And Here We Go!

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funny spongebob work memes

44 Pics and Memes That Perfectly Capture the Highs and Lows of Working in the Food and Service Industry

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How Did Some People Even Get HIRED?

FAIL dumb monday thru friday toaster kitchen work g rated - 8163238144
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douche food fridge kitchen passive aggressive thief Video - 16710913

Be The Office Douche For Only $19.99!

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Oh, Grow Up!

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They Shortened Lunch-Breaks Shortly Thereafter

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When Coworkers Try to Meme

monday thru friday coworkers Memes kitchen dishes - 8405096448
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Find Someplace Else!

monday thru friday sign demon kitchen g rated - 8410077696
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Or Just Leave Notes About It

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Do You Really Want to Be Responsible For Setting the Building On Fire?

broken fire food kitchen microwave Office - 5409758720
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Not The PIZZAAA!!!

idiot kitchen passive aggressive pizza thief waste - 4538598400
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CLASSIC: Sandwich Protection

bag kitchen passive aggressive sandwich thief - 4539059456
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