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I didn't know KFC took reservations

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Driving Thru: You're Doing It Wrong

accident drive thru kfc - 6535355136
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FAIL kfc NSFW twitter - 782085

KFC Australia Is Getting Fried to a Crisp for Hilarious "NSFW" Tweet

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colonel sanders kfc Video - 40329217

Colonel Sanders Ain't Into Chicks

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monday thru friday advertisement kfc Video - 60674561

KFC Scores Permanent Walking Advertisement When Man Gets Double Down Tattoo

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It Sure Will Be, Anyway...

monday thru friday sign kfc misspelling spelling fast food g rated - 8386790400
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Barbie company logos kfc zombie shell - 6748981248
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KFC, Are You Even Trying Anymore?

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Do YOU Have Fried Chicken?

monday thru friday sign kfc Subway touché cookies - 8217032192
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It's Him! It's Really Him!

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KFC Pricing Explained

expensive junk food kfc pricing rip off - 6009695744
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KFC Phillippines Has Gone Off the Deep End

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Are Those the Specials For Today?

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