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Hey, Doucheweed!

chat it jerk tech support - 5948010240
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A Valid Invoice

invoice it sales screen - 5192495616
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Your Server Is a Serial Murderer

Death error error message it server tech support - 5152210176

Thanks for all the Sweet Repairs, Geek Squad Gus!

advice animal it meme nerdy tech support - 5387132672
By Unknown

IT Voodoo is the Best Voodoo

it monday thru friday g rated - 7093487360
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The only logical way to reply is through snail mail

it - 5468451840
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So this is how they fixed my computer...

Hall of Fame it - 5653750016
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Better Buy a Lotto Ticket Now!

computer internet it mac Tech tech support - 5304647680
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If you feed him he'll just keep coming back for more

g rated it M thru F sarcasm signs - 5572879104
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cat5 cat6 crazy disaster zone disorganized ethernet gross hardware hell insane it job security mess network networking punishment ridiculous sculpture slovenly Terrifying wtf - 3634339584
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IT's Really Feeling the Love

feedback it - 5260323840
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Judging by the Model Used, that Was Denser than a Brick

anger management broken it laptop network rage - 5390974720
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The Heatsinks Aren't the Only Reason the Server Room is Warm

Chart computers fart it server tech support technology - 5395164160
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It's like a programmer's Christmas dream!

Hall of Fame it programmers - 5567767808
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QWERTY Died for Your BSOD

it keyboard nerd Tech - 5360505600
By Unknown

Like A Boss!

cables ethernet it ocd wires - 4356482560
By Unknown
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