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This Is What The Office Looks Like When The Server Goes Down

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They Must Never Know My Secret!

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Better Buy a Lotto Ticket Now!

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Time To Get Off The Internet

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By jr

Losing the Internet Is Like Losing Your Owner's Manual

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By Unknown

Wait, What?

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By Unknown
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Time Warp: IE Through The Years

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For Only $13.95 Per Hour, You Can Enjoy GoGo In-Poop Internet!

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I Can't Get Those 5 Seconds Back

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Internt Y U Mak Me Crey Teers?

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What Can Men Do Against Such Reckless Idiocy?

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There's Brand Loyalty, and then there's.... Chrome Dome

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No Internet, No Problem

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And Tell My Wife I'm Sorry for Installing Vista

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Word Processors? Oh Right, We Have Those...

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By Unknown
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