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There's a hole lot of holes to look at, especially if you like donuts. If your a truly holey person, these hilarious hole puns and jokes will have you ditching your favorite stand-up and trying something new. So feast your eyes on what's there, or maybe what isn't, it's part of a hole.

Beware What Spews From Here

monday thru friday the internets translation hole g rated - 8319271680
Via Courtley Mausoleum

I Always Shotgun My Cokes

coke hole note vending machine - 4722294272
Created by hohospade

Photoshop You Sly Dog

finger photoshop hole monday thru friday g rated - 7085627904
Created by Unknown

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

monday thru friday warning sign ladder safety first hole - 8394722816
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hole - 5424496640
Created by apeajar