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Mark Just Saved Your Marriage

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Um, Yes, That's What I Don't Want Them to See

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funny history memes | Hammer invented 8000 BC People 7999 BC: person in hard hat helmet using a hammer and nail

History Memes For The Splendiferously Learned

Yes, the knowledge beckons.
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Where Can I Get One For My Car?

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A funny Tumblr thread about timelessly funny internet references | headspace-hotel S headspace-hotel forget Internet things would be incomprehensible 2 years ago phenomenon where is appreciation Internet things could show someone 3000 BC and be almost sure they'd get kick out 1 headspace-hotel

Tumblr Thread: Timelessly Entertaining Internet Gems

It's a tale as old as time itself.
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The Worst Jobs in the World Throughout History

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Be Happy You Don't Have To Carry This To Class

huge book image Be Happy You Dont Have To Carry This To Class
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funny and dank history memes, european history, ancient history, ancient rome, egypt | Isn't weird live longer than boys? Yeah, its really weird strategy are going use defeat Hannibal, Varro? Strategy have 77000 Roman soldiers and Jupiter's favor on my side don't need strategy. Wojak comic | TSAR NICOLASII BANNING ALCOHOL RUSSIAN EMPIRE 1914 person with a noose around their neck watering the tree the rope is attached to

40+ History Memes That Poke Fun At The Past

History is better with memes.
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funny history memes | Wisdom Teeth 50,000 BC have extra teeth so can chew through dead animal skin and tree bark wisdom teeth Modern My jaw hurts, need 2000 surgery swole doge vs cheems | going back Middle Ages teach them science TM Later earlier Yeah already Earth isn't know flat

History Memes for the Knowledge Seekers

Knowing history makes someone smart, right?
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funny history memes | Vikings after finding out monasteries are filled with gold and people can't fight

History Memes to Feel Smart About

It's like learning, sort of!
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