Memes About Being Late Help Pass The Time (29 Memes)

It's not us, it's the traffic. But if you're gonna be late anyway, might as well look at some memes.

And if you're looking for inspiration here are some of the dumbest but legit excuses people used when they were late. Some days are just really not salvageable. No matter how hard you try, you can't escape the inevitable suck that is just waiting to fall on you. So beat it to the punch and admit that its true: Some days it just seems like all we have are bad breaks and coffee breaks, often in that order. But if you're struggling to make it through the week and make it on time, commiserate with these memes all about the struggles of the work week. At least one person there will be late too. 

funny rihanna and paris hilton memes about always being late
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