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When Your Job Thinks Your Hair is Getting in the Way, Improvise

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But It's Better if You Do

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I Don't Know If My Hairdresser Would Appreciate That

work hair sign I Don't Know If My Hairdresser Would Appreciate That
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Funny memes about the 1980s | this old Raise hands if remember this Oregon Trail Teu n 1. Travel trall 2. Leara about trall Green Te Ten 4. Tern eund oft la er cheicer Galliker Potomac Fan Chocolate Milk tor jen private whate | used unfriend people old days! scribbling in a yearbook

'80s Tidbits For Those Who Want A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane

Don't have a cow.
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Whoopi Goldcables?

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A Handy Reminder

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A stylist stays professional with an angry and inconsiderate Karen |  need my hair done need tomorrow sorry actually don't have any openings until week after next might have spot next week if opens up but as right now don't have anything about Sep 1st 10?

Stylist Stays Professional With Angry Karen

Good riddance, Karen.
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Maybe You Should Wear Your Hair Up

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Musical Cleaner

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There's Brand Loyalty, and then there's.... Chrome Dome

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